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Eagles Trade Rumors: Philadelphia targeting Marcus Mariota at No. 2 in three-way draft deal

Hey it's another 2015 NFL Draft rumor.

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There is less than a week remaining until the 2015 NFL Draft. This also means that there is less than a week of Marcus Mariota trade rumors to go.

The latest rumor comes from Jason Cole of Bleacher Report. Cole reports that the Eagles want Mariota (surprise!!!) and are targeting a creative trade up to No. 2 to get him.

"As the NFL Draft nears, one of the dream scenarios that is being invented among general managers and executives out there is the possibility of a three-way trade that would involve Tennessee with the No. 2 overall pick, and some combination of Cleveland, San Diego, and Philadelphia.

And mostly this idea is based on the fact that the Eagles so badly want to get up to the No. 2 overall pick to get Marcus Mariota, but don’t really have the ammunition to pay the price to get there. So the idea is that they somehow take Sam Bradford and deal him to Cleveland or deal him to San Diego. [This] ends up with Philip Rivers somehow going from San Diego to Tennessee, or Tennessee being willing to move all the way down and take multiple picks from Cleveland.

Somehow in that scenario, Philadelphia ends up at No. 2 overall, Bradford ends up in Cleveland or in San Diego, and Tennessee ends up with what they want: most likely a quarterback.

Now the machinations of all this are all electric and fun, and everyone’s going to get into it, but most people poo poo the idea and say "No, it just can’t happen."

However, with Chip Kelly and everything that he has done this offseason to recreate the Philadelphia Eagles, do not put it past Kelly to at least try."

The idea of the Eagles being involved in a three team trade was recently proposed by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. A rumor from Rant Sports also suggested it could happen.

Recent rumors also suggest that Mariota to the Eagles certainly isn't dead yet. ESPN Insider Adam Schefter said earlier this week that he believes it's a possibility now despite once thinking there wasn't a chance. Adding fuel to the speculation is a report from PFT that the Eagles and Sam Bradford have not yet talked about a contract extension.

Speaking of, Florio noted in the Bradford report that the veteran quarterback is unwilling to sign an extension anywhere else but in Philadelphia. If that's true, it could be hard for the Eagles to move him. The Browns have reportedly lost interest in Bradford despite once offering a first round pick for him.

As Cole note, most seem to think a three-way deal is unlikely. Less than a week until we find out.

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