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Landon Collins fits the Eagles defense "to a degree"

How are the Eagles going to address the safety position?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

One of the 2015 NFL Draft prospects that Eagles vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz was asked about during his Thursday morning media session is one he's a little more familiar with than others: Alabama safety Landon Collins.

While Marynowitz and Collins didn't actually overlap during their time together at Alabama, it seems safe to say Marynowitz has some level of familiarity with the safety from his recruiting days.

While some have speculated Collins could make sense for the Eagles in the first round due to Philadelphia's need for a safety, others point out that he doesn't fit the team's defense. Is Collins limited in his coverage ability? Here's what Marynowitz had to say (via @EliotShorrParks):

"He can do it to a degree. All of these guys have strengths and weaknesses. Landon has the ability to do that, maybe not to the degree other guys do, but he certainly has the ability to do it."

Marynowitz also added:

"The traditional safety is a dying breed. Looking more for hybrid players."

Doesn't exactly sound like the most ringing endorsement for Collins. While his coverage issues may or may not be overblown, it's clear the Eagles seem to value versatility in their safeties. They lined up Patrick Chung as a nickel cornerback in certain situations and have done the same with Malcolm Jenkins, who is a converted cornerback.

Speaking of hybrid players, Marynowitz said he expects there to be cornerbacks in the draft who have the ability to play on the back end.

"I think there are some guys in the secondary, some corners that have length and size that are potential safeties."

The Eagles have shown some interest in these type of prospects, such as Utah's Eric Rowe. Quinten Rollins is another player who could fit this description. Collins, who is thought to be more of a box safety, seemingly does not.

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