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NFL Draft 2015: Eagles feel there are up to 10 difference makers

Will the Eagles be able to get one?

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz met with the Philadelphia media on Thursday morning for the first time since being promoted to his new position as Chip Kelly's right hand man. Marynowitz spoke for nearly an hour so he touched on a lot of topics.

One of the more interesting things Marynowitz had to say was about how there are only eight to 10 difference makers in the 2015 NFL Draft class.

This is interesting because it seemed there were only six players in this category for the Eagles last year. The story is that the Eagles wanted one of six players at No. 22 in the 2014 NFL Draft but all of them were off the board by the time they picked. In response, the Eagles traded down to No. 26 in order to get more picks. It seemed like the Eagles were open to trading down yet again but the team didn't want to miss out on Marcus Smith after the Chiefs selected a passs rusher (Dee Ford) at No. 23.

The Eagles pick two spots higher than they did last year so they might have a better chance at getting one of their so-called difference makers.

Here are some more quotes from Marynowitz's press availability:

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