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NFL Draft Rumors: Marcus Mariota is a possibility for the Eagles, says Adam Schefter

Is the 2015 NFL Draft here yet?

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Adam Schefter once believed the Philadelphia Eagles didn't have much of a shot to land Marcus Mariota in the 2015 NFL Draft. With just over a week to go until this year's big event, however, the ESPN NFL Insider seems to be changing his stance. Schefter said the following in an interview on 97.5 The Fanatic's new morning show, via

"Count me in the camp that does consider (trading for Mariota) and option and a possibility. And I was not in that camp a month ago but I've come over to that side."

To add context, Schefter was replying to a question Anthony Gargano asked about Tim Tebow possibly impacting the Eagles' draft plans. When I listened to the interview myself, I thought it sounded thin. Schefter didn't really go into depth at all. But since Schefter is one of the most plugged-in reporters in the business, it's probably at least worth noting.

One Twitter user also pointed out to me that Schefter made an interesting comment about the Eagles on Monday night. I watched the clip myself and Schefter said something to the effect of "[The Eagles are] not done yet. Maybe." Now, that could mean just about anything, but who am I to stop a Mariota conspiracy theory?

Eight more days to go.

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