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Is the Eagles 2015 schedule good or bad?

What do you think of the Eagles' 2015 schedule?

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The Philadelphia Eagles' 2015 schedule has been released (click here) and the immediate reactions are over. From what I've seen, most seem to think the Eagles have a favorable schedule. Here's some more analysis.


• The Eagles don't have to travel very far this season. The team's trip to Dallas will mark the one and only time they travel out of the Eastern Time Zone. Compare that to last year when the Eagles had to make trips out to Arizona, San Francisco, Houston, etc.

• Speaking of that trip to Dallas, the Eagles will spend Week 8 on a bye while the Cowboys will be playing the Seattle Seahawks. The Birds will have an extra week of rest heading into that matchup.

• More extra rest: since the Eagles play on Thanksgiving, they will have a few more days afterwards to prepare for the trip to New England to face the Patriots.

• Very slight extra rest advantage: The Eagles will have one extra day to prepare for the Giants in Week 17.

• Eagles won't play one game against a team coming off their bye week.

• For the first time in franchise history: three straight games at home in December from Week 14 through Week 16. The Eagles could have a good chance to take care of business there before heading to play the Giants in Week 17.


• Playing on Monday Night Football in Week 1 means the Eagles will have to play the Cowboys on short rest in Week 2.

• The Eagles will have to play twice against teams that have had 10 days rest: Washington in Week 4 and Arizona in Week 15. (But both of those games are in Philadelphia.)


So as you can see, I think there a lot more potential positives than negatives this season. With that said, it's still hard to predict how this season is going to play out (but I did it anyway). There have been so many significant changes this offseason.

How are you feeling about the schedule?

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