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Eagles News: Marcus Mariota to Philadelphia in three team trade?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/22/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles 2015 regular season schedule preview - PhillyVoice
The Eagles' 2015 opponents have been known since Week 17 of the 2014 season wrapped up, but we didn't know the order in which they would play them. Now we do. The Eagles will head into 2015 facing the 23rd most difficult schedule, or 10th easiest if you prefer it stated that way instead. The Eagles' 2015 opponents had a combined record of 121-134-1 in 2014, and a combined point differential of -155. Here's a snapshot of the Eagles' schedule, with analysis of each game thereafter.

Could a three-way trade get Mariota to Philly? - PFT
On the surface, it seems impossible for the Eagles to get from No. 20 into the top five, if they remain interested in reuniting quarterback Marcus Mariota with coach Chip Kelly, the man who recruited Mariota to Oregon. Three years ago, Washington gave up a total of three first-round picks and a second-round selection move up only four spots to get Robert Griffin III.  A move from No. 20 to No. 5 (Washington), No. 4 (Oakland), or No. 3 (Jacksonville) would seemingly require too much. But the Eagles have something else to add to the mix — something that Washington, Oakland, and Jacksonville won’t want or need:  quarterback Sam Bradford.

NFL Rumors: Eagles, Titans, Chargers Alleged 3-Team Trade Makes Sense - Rant Sports
The alleged three-team trade would break down as follows: - The Eagles would receive the No. 2 overall pick from the Titans, which they would then use to draft Mariota. - The Chargers would receive Sam Bradford, the Eagles’ first-round pick and the Titans’ second-round pick. - The Titans would receive Philip Rivers and the Eagles’ third-round pick. Let’s pause to again reiterate this is speculation because one source is confident this is not only possible, but even likely, while two other sources said it sounds outrageous and they know nothing about it.

Some Favorite Prospects - Iggles Blitz
I can’t say Shaq Thompson is one of my favorite guys, but he intrigues the heck out of me. Thompson played LB, RB and even some DB for Washington this year. He is a good athlete and an instinctive playmaker. Mike Mayock lists him as a Safety. Thompson wants to be a LB. I’d love to know how Chip Kelly sees him. He is 6-0, 228. That’s the same size as Landon Collins, the star SS from ‘Bama. They have similar builds, but different games. Collins is a downhill thumper. He loves to punish runners and receivers. Thompson is an athlete. He can hit and be physical, but is more agile, which should make him more effective in coverage.

Eagle Eye: Where These D-Linemen Win -
One prospect where height may affect his ability to play inside is Jordan Phillips from Oklahoma. Phillips stands at 6-5, 329 pounds, and at that height he may have some issues creating leverage at times. Some experts project him as a potential defensive end in an odd front. When you watch him play, however, he’s got the look of a big-time prospect. He played at the 0-technique for the Sooners, and like Shelton he possesses somewhat freakish athleticism for a man that size.

Which Defenses Are The Best At Recording Sacks?
Turns out, the Eagles were one of the best!

Tim Tebow and the Eagles: The Philadelphia Experiment | Rolling Stone
I wonder if Kelly feels a certain kinship with Tebow, because at this point in whatever remains of his career, I think people hate Tim Tebow for the same reasons they're suspicious of Chip Kelly: They both violate the orthodoxy of professional football. They both feel, to a lot of people, like they're somehow cheating the system.

Another Tim Tebow try that is certain to fail | USA Today
Tebow has a large and very passionate fan base, many of whom admire him for reasons that have little to do with football. Which is fine. But that doesn't make him a starter. In fact, even backup duties would stretch the outer limits of his capabilities.

Why The Hell Is Chip Kelly Signing Tim Tebow? Some Working Theories
As you may have heard, the Philadelphia Eagles are signing former college veerback and ideal Nicholas Sparks film protagonist Tim Tebow to a contract today. Up until this offseason, Eagles coach Chip Kelly was rather adept at giving fans the impression that he had some kind of grand master plan for the franchise. That impression has, uh, diminished considerably in light of Kelly trading for whatever spare organs are left of Sam Bradford, dealing away LeSean McCoy, and investing 132% of the team’s salary cap in free agent running backs.

SB Nation's 2015 NFL Draft Preview
For the second consecutive season, Chip Kelly guided the Eagles to double-digit wins. That wasn't enough to earn a playoff berth, however, and now the team must find a way to bridge the gap between it and the division-winning Cowboys. Philadelphia took the first step by adding new starters at cornerback (Byron Maxwell), running back (DeMarco Murray) and quarterback (Sam Bradford).

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