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Eagles News: Signing Tim Tebow doesn't make Chip Kelly crazy

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/21/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

A look at the Eagles' roster heading into the draft now vs. April 2013 - PhillyVoice
This is the third April of the Chip Kelly regime, and year three, from a "clarity of who's going to start" standpoint, looks a lot like year one, when the team was coming off a 4-12 record. We'll compare what the roster looked like in April of 2013 with what is looks like in April of 2015 at each position.

Tebow, Kinne and Draft Talk - Iggles Blitz
Mike Freeman, my least favorite writer going right now, just hates Chip Kelly. And has for a few years. Freeman sees this as an ego ploy by Kelly. He thinks Chip is trying to show the world how smart he is. Something along the lines of "If I can fix Tebow, then I am The Genius". Ugh. I’m not linking to that because I can’t stand that kind of content.

Draft Daily: WR Dorsett Brings Elite Speed - Birds 24/7
Dorsett is a flat-out burner. He has experience outside and in the slot, having caught 36 balls for 871 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. He averaged 24.19 yards per reception, which was second in the country. Dorsett can make plays with the ball in his hands and blow the top off the defense with his vertical speed. It seems unlikely that he'll go in the first round, but Dorsett could be an intriguing Day 2 option.

Helfrich: "Chip Kelly is not insane" - CSNNW
Following an Oregon team scrimmage, head coach Mark Helfrich shared his thoughts on Kelly's signing of Tebow.  Helfrich reassured that Chip Kelly is "not insane."

Zach Ertz enlists NFL greats as mentors - Inquirer
Ertz's time with Houck was just one part of his offseason plan. He spent a month focusing on strength training, another on circuit training and additional time on mixed martial arts training. He also sought out former tight end great Tony Gonzalez, who instructed Ertz on the importance of preparation and tenacity.

The Big Question: Revisiting The QB Situation -
One trade, one re-signing and one signing later and it looks like I wasn’t alone. Chip Kelly evaluated what he had at the position and decided that the team needed better quarterback play. I think we all agree that Sam Bradford is expected to be "the guy" heading into 2015, with Sanchez capably filling in as the No. 2. As Kelly has said in the past, and as we’ve seen over the past few years, you need more than two quarterbacks in the NFL and now the Eagles have three competing for the coveted third spot. Not to mention that Bradford’s rehab opens up a spot for practice reps in Kelly’s snaps-maximizing practice style.

The Tim Tebow Trial | The MMQB with Peter King
Let’s be real about what this is: It’s a trial. It’s a chance. It’s a coach who doesn’t care about the distraction of having Tim Tebow in his camp, because he thinks Tebow might help his team. And about that distraction thing: Did you ever hear Bill Belichick or Robert Kraft or Tom Brady talk about Tebow being a distraction in Foxboro in 2013, when Tebow was on that team for the whole of training camp? No. That’s because he wasn’t one. He was cut by the Patriots because he’s not an accurate passer and didn’t fit their exacting scheme. Cutting Tebow was justified. Tebow didn’t deserve to be on that team. He might deserve to be a cog in the wheel in Philadelphia. We’ll see.

The Eagles will reportedly sign Tim Tebow on Monday. |
Without hyperbole, it's safe to say that Tebow's chances of making Philadelphia's roster is less than that of a hypothetical quarterback that they could pick in this year's draft. And not just Marcus Mariota, but literally any quarterback they draft in any round. At least a rookie would have the option of being stashed on the practice squad and would come cheaper. And a hypothetical rookie is the least of Tebow's problems.

Should A Team Build Around A Power Running Game in 2015?
The Eagles may be trying to do this, too. Philadelphia had two games in December 2013 where the running game completely dominated overmatched defenses. Could that be what Chip Kelly is building towards in 2015? By swapping McCoy for DeMarco Murray, he’s off to a good start, and the team still has Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, and Lane Johnson on the offensive line. Philadelphia released Todd Herremans in the offseason, who was probably the worst run blocker among the starting five. And Philadelphia has focused on getting bigger wide receivers who can help in the running game.

How Does Tim Tebow Fit Into the Chip Kelly Offense? | Grantland
Just in terms of the skills Tebow has exhibited on the field, does he fit as a possible quarterback in Kelly’s vaunted offensive scheme? Yes. And no. And, more than anything: It depends.

The return of 'Tebowmania' is good news for Jacksonville retailers - FCN
While the craze over Tim Tebow may have settled in his absence from the NFL over the last two seasons, his value with retailers has never diminished. Martin Buckley, a co-owner of Palm Beach Autographs at the Avenues Mall, has never had a problem selling Tebow's gear, so his reemergence is nothing but good news to the retailer.

Don't worry about Tim Tebow, just trust Chip Kelly - SB Nation
The Eagles signed a third-string QB. This will not make or break the Philadelphia Eagles.

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