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Tim Tebow jerseys already being sold by the Philadelphia Eagles

This is great.

The Philadelphia Eagles officially signed Tim Tebow, so now you're wondering how you can get his jersey, correct? Well, you're in luck! They're already available for purchase on the team's official online store for only a cool $100.

If you're wondering what number Tebow will wear, and I know you are, the team says it will be No. 11.

But wait, doesn't that number belong to Josh Huff? Not anymore. The Eagles wide receiver wore No. 11 as a rookie after wearing No. 1 for the Oregon Ducks in college but now he's moving to No. 13.  For those keeping track, No. 13 was last worn by Damaris Johnson.

This Tebow jersey thing is especially funny due to the stories about Bradford jerseys being unavailable in the team's non-online pro shops. You can buy a Bradford jersey online at the team store, yes, but there are actually MORE Tebow jerseys available!

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