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Eagles to sign Tim Tebow: Will the quarterback make Philadelphia's 53-man roster?

Will Tebowmania stick around?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

OK, so the Philadelphia Eagles are going to sign Tim Tebow. Now that everyone is done freaking out (oh, who am I kidding), let's ask a serious question on everyone's mind: will he even make the team? Before you rush to an answer, let's take a look.

According to Adam Schefter, Tebow is going to sign a one-year contract. No contract details have been released yet, but considering Tebow has been out of the league since the summer of 2013, it's hard to believe the Eagles gave him all that much. For now I'm going to assume to deal is worth somewhere around the veteran minimum. So there probably isn't a big financial commitment to Tebow.

When it comes to Tebow's competition for a roster spot, well, there currently doesn't seem to be too much. Assuming the Eagles don't trade him, Sam Bradford figures to be the starter. The Eagles re-signed Mark Sanchez this offseason to be the backup once again. Philadelphia has been trying to trade Matt Barkley so it's hard to believe he's in the plans. G.J. Kinne will be too busy being the best practice squad QB in the history of the universe to do anything else. So is Tebow the favorite for the third spot? By default, it almost seems like he could be...

...for now. Don't forget (as if you could) that the 2015 NFL Draft is less than two weeks away. There are still rumors involving the Eagles drafting Marcus Mariota. Even if Chip Kelly doesn't draft his former college quarterback, it's possible the team looks to add another signal caller. One rumor indicates Philadelphia is interested in Colorado State's Garrett Grayson. A developing rookie like Grayson would seemingly have the edge over the 27-year-old Tebow when it comes to a No. 3 QB spot.

Let's put it to a vote. Will Tebow make Philadelphia's final roster in 2015?

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