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NFL Draft Rumors: Eagles one of many teams trying to trade for Marcus Mariota


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, did you know the Eagles are interested in Marcus Mariota? Look it up, it's true. As if you needed further proof, here's the latest rumor from Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.

"The real question is what happens at No. 2. That's where things get interesting. Again, I and others have reported for weeks there is a robust trade market for Mariota. The Rams, Eagles, Browns and Chargers have at least some interest in nabbing him (I wonder if the Saints wade in as well). Determining which club would go to the greatest length is difficult if not impossible. In fact, the best offer may not come in until the Titans actually are on the clock -- so sussing out the team that covets him most is not easy. But if any of them land the former Oregon star it would be no surprise in the scouting community.

No one believes Kelly is married to Sam Bradford and won't do anything within reason to land Mariota. The Browns and Saints are loaded with picks. The Chargers can't get Philip Rivers to entertain contract-extension talks, which leaves them little choice but to look into dealing their longtime QB. And the Rams are seen by many clubs as a very strong suitor, too.

If you ask me, and I could totally be wrong about this (you can't get this kind of insight anywhere else!), I don't buy this talk of Mariota going at No. 2. I think this idea of "a robust trade market for Mariota" involves the Titans trying to create the market for their pick. Especially when you see a line like: "the best offer may not come in until the Titans actually are on the clock." Tennessee could desperately use extra picks so they're hoping one team is desperate enough. Personally, I think Mariota could fall a little lower than expected, as recent rumors suggest.

Only 15 more days to go.

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