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Eagles News: Fletcher Cox's fifth year option deadline is looming

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/11/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

On Fletcher Cox and contract extensions: An intro to the 'fifth year option' - PhillyVoice
While there have been reports that the Eagles have not yet approached Cox about a contract extension, fear not. The Eagles will unquestionably exercise their fifth year option if they cannot work out an extension for Cox and he survives draft weekend without being traded. In other words, while other 2012 draft picks like Mychal Kendricks, Vinny Curry and Brandon Boykin are definitively heading into the final year of their rookie deals, Cox's rookie deal likely won't really conclude until after the 2016 season.

A Convert? - Iggles Blitz
Quinten Rollins was one of the most interesting players at the Senior Bowl. He had played college basketball for Miami of Ohio for 4 years before deciding to try his hand at college football. And boy did that prove to be a wise decision. He picked off 7 passes and played his way onto the NFL’s radar. Rollins was up and down in Mobile, but you could see his talent. He is a legit NFL prospect. Jimmy Bama and I got to speak with him one night. Rollins was bright, funny and fun to talk to. He started off with the usual answers, but we got him to let his guard down and be honest with us. I came away very impressed.

Chip Kelly Update: Charles in Charge - Fishduck
Now that he’s GM, Kelly is acquiring far too many players who’ve been friends or teammates or both for it to be a coincidence. There are two obvious reasons. First, Chip is a huge believer in team bonding, and pairs like Mathews and Ajirotutu, or Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray (teammates at Oklahoma), or Murray and Austin (Dallas teammates) offer a ready-made chemistry for a team that has seen a lot of change.

Wake-Up Call: Making Sense Of the Mariota Noise - Birds 24/7
Let's tie it all back into the original trade proposal and the Eagles. I asked Ken Whisenhunt about Bradford at the owners meetings, and he spoke glowingly about the former No. 1 pick. There's documented evidence that Whisenhunt was at one point a fan of Bradford's. But there's no telling whether he still considers Bradford a viable option. Boykin and Curry are very good players who have seen their effectiveness limited because of scheme. Kendricks seems capable of playing in any scheme. If I'm the Titans, and the Eagles offered me a couple of those players, the No. 20 pick, the N0. 52 pick and next year's first, I would absolutely consider it, especially if I wasn't sold on Mariota. The Titans' roster is in bad shape, and they have a chance to acquire some very good building blocks.

Eagles unorthodox practice schedule not deterring free agents - Inquirer
"It's different the way they do football down there, completely different from anybody in the NFL," said Bills running back Bryce Brown, whom the Eagles traded last offseason. "That's the way Chip likes it. He wants to be different than everybody else, for whatever reason. It was a huge adjustment coming from there to here based on everything that he does."

Jaworski: Kelly should mortgage Eagles' future for Mariota - CSN Philly
Ron Jaworski believes the potential payoff is worth the steep price to move up. "You have to mortgage your future," Jaworski said on Philly Sports Talk. "I know he (Kelly) says he’s not going to, but what mortgage means is you get something now and you pay later." "If I’m Chip Kelly," Jaworski added later, "then I would try everything I can (to move up) because that’s the guy you love and believe in."

Didinger: An All-Time Great Glue Guy -
When Leo Carlin was inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame in 2012, he was genuinely surprised. "Why me?" he asked, which is just what I would have expected. Leo never thought of himself as anything special even though he was. Just ask anyone who worked in the Eagles organization over the past half-century. The stories about Leo and all the things he did behind the scenes to keep the franchise chugging along are endless. Football coaches talk about "glue guys." They are the players who don't get a lot of publicity, but they show up everyday and hold things together. You need superstars to win in sports, but you need the glue guys, too. Leo Carlin was one of the all-time great glue guys.

The NBA/NFL Crossover: Who Is the Aaron Rodgers of Basketball? - Grantland
He had just taken a cheap shot at someone’s groin when one of my friends asked, "Does anyone else hate Chris Paul?" Then another chimed in and said yes, he’s insufferable, and he’s turning into the Donovan McNabb of the NBA. This made me do a double take. I definitely respect how mean that comparison was, but Chris Paul is too amazing to be the Donovan McNabb of basketball. Nobody is going to be arguing about Donovan McNabb in 30 years. Whether you love him or hate him, Chris Paul’s name will come up anytime anyone mentions the greatest point guards ever. No, NBA McNabb is …

2015 NFL Draft: 8 sleepers ready to contribute immediately - SB Nation
There are different types of sleepers to be found in the draft, but none is more important than those who can contribute early in the NFL.

Liberty Ballers To Enter The Basketball Tournament - LB
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