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2015 NFL Draft: What is the Eagles biggest position of need?

There are a few positions which the Eagles need to address, but which one is THE most urgent?

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Chip Kelly made a lot of changes to the Philadelphia Eagles roster this offseason. It's debatable whether the team is better or worse, but there's no debating it will be a different team from the past two seasons. The Eagles aren't done making moves yet, either. Especially because there are still some roster holes to fill.

Back in February I surveyed Eagles fans here at Bleeding Green Nation with a poll asking about the team's biggest need. The main results: 79% cornerback, 11% quarterback, 6% safety.

As I earlier mentioned, a lot has changed since then. Cornerback is still a future need but not as urgent as it used to be now that Byron Maxwell is under contract. Quarterback is arguably less pressing as well depending how you view Sam Bradford. Then again, he's only on a year contract. When it comes to safety, the Eagles don't even actually have a proven starter to line up to Malcolm Jenkins right now. Wide receiver is looking a lot less certain ever since Jeremy Maclin left in free agency. Philadelphia's offensive line is in need of more depth with Todd Herremans gone.

Unlike free agency, the NFL Draft isn't all about just filling roster holes. Drafting for need isn't always a great idea. The "best player available" strategy is more heralded. Still, the Eagles will likely address the team's needs at some point during the draft.

The 2015 NFL Draft marks the first time Chip Kelly (along with Ed Marynowitz) will have full control in the war room. He'll be the one making the picks. It'll be very interesting to see how he handles the board.

So, which position do you want to see the Eagles attack?

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