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Eagles Trade Rumors: Rams are "leading contender" for Nick Foles

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Nick Foles' name is becoming commonly attached to trade rumors lately. Earlier on Monday, Eliot Shorr-Parks reported that the Eagles shopped the 26-year-old quarterback at this year's Senior Bowl. One of the three teams reportedly interested in Foles was the Rams. This happens to be consistent with another report from back in January that St. Louis is interested in the Eagles quarterback.

Now, more rumors are merging. These aren't confirmed reports by any means but they're worth mentioning here if you take them with a grain of salt. Via Denver-based radio host Benjamin Allbright:

And now this rumor seems to confirm Allbright's sentiment:

What's to make of this?

There's nothing official here yet, but it sure does sound like there could be smoke to this fire.

The Eagles re-signed Mark Sanchez on Sunday evening to a two-year contract worth up to a max value of $16 with $5.5 million guaranteed. Some have already speculated the re-signing of Sanchez could mean the Eagles are targeting a rookie, such as Marcus Mariota, to pair with the veteran while Foles is shipped out for a draft pick.

Keep an eye on this situation moving forward.

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