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Eagles re-sign Mark Sanchez: Marcus Mariota in and Nick Foles out?

What does Sanchez re-signing in Philadelphia mean for the Eagles quarterback situation?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that the Eagles re-signed veteran backup quarterback Mark Sanchez on Sunday evening did not come as a total surprise. What was interesting, however, was the money he received: a deal worth a max value of $16 million over two years with $5.5 million guaranteed. That's certainly a lot of money for a mere backup. So what does this mean for the Eagles quarterback situation moving forward?

Speculation has already begun that the Eagles gave Sanchez this deal in order to be a Doug Pederson-type placeholder quarterback while the team drafts a rookie such as, oh, I don't know... Marcus Mariota. This is not an uncommon practice in the NFL. For example, last year the Minnesota Vikings re-signed Matt Cassel before drafting Teddy Bridgewater.

Multiple reporters seem to share this sentiment:

Recent reports have indicated that an Eagles trade for Mariota could be on the horizon. If that's the case, the Eagles could look to trade Nick Foles in return for a draft pick... and/or use him in Philadelphia's trade up package for Mariota.

But maybe not. Everyone's guessing right now. This is obviously a situation to watch moving forward.

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