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Bovada already took the "will the Eagles get Marcus Mariota" bet completely off the board [UPDATE]

What does it all mean?

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It was only yesterday afternoon when Bovada released odds for the chances of Marcus Mariota ending up on the Philadelphia Eagles. The original bet looked like this:

Will Marcus Mariota be on the Eagles Roster for game 1 of the 2015 Regular Season?

Yes +400 (4/1)
No -700 (1/7)


This is what I wrote at the time:

"If you're not familiar with gambling odds, here's what this means: you have to bet $700 on "No" in order to win $100. If you do you think the Eagles are going to get Mariota, on the other hand, you can bet $100 to win $400.

Now, I'm not going to tell you how to spend your money, but I do think the "Yes" is an interesting bet given the recent moves made by the Eagles. Recent reports indicate that the Eagles are "determined" to make a strong play for the Oregon quarterback."


Since then, things have changed quite a bit. It was only two hours after the original post that the line shifted to:

Yes +250 No -400

Then a few hours after that, Bovada took the "Yes" option completely off the board. I woke up early this morning to check on the odds again and now... the entire bet itself is completely off the board.

What this likely means is that a lot of money was pouring in on the "Yes" bet. As you can see, a lot of voters here at BGN thought that was the smart play:

So Bovada got scared and pulled it. BGN Radio host and gambling expert John Barchard offered his take on the situation:

And Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice added a great touch:

Chip Vegas

UPDATE: The odds are back up.

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