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LeSean McCoy Trade Means Time To Sue Eagles for Negligence


Wow are you kidding me with this? Here we go again with this team I’m really about to give up I’m serious. Chip Kelly, the coach of the Eagles (football) team, has no idea what he’s even doing anymore. I got home last night from working hard at my job from 8:30 to 5:30 only to find that my wife left me for another man AND that Chip Kelly is purposely failing at his job and trying to ruin everything that is good.

In case you didn’t hear yesterday the Eagles traded LeSean McCoy (running back) to the Buffalo Bills for a guy with a history of disorderly conduct and two broken legs who plays a position statically proven to be 5% as important as running back (source: and who has a name that clearly seems made up. You don’t just trade a guy like LeSean McCoy, who has at least 7-9 good years left in him as has been proven true by years of study, to the Buffalo Bills for a cartoon character like Kiko Alonso, and there are plenty of people who back me up on this.

I was talking to my uncle last night (dad’s brother) about this deal and he told me that it’s a guarantee the Eagles win no more than 3 games this year. WHAT???? HOW is that just OK?? The Eagles will go from back-to-back 10-6 seasons to one where they win only 3 games now?? Wow. I suppose it’s just fine to people. I was also checking my Facebook feed this morning and saw at least 5 people say that Chip Kelly is trying to turn the Eagles into the Oregon Ducks football team from college. I guess the Eagles ownership is just going to allow this to happen? I don’t want to root for a college team this is the pros. Just when you think the Eagles are getting better by having Pro Bowl MVP Nick Foles get healthy and return next year now I hear on Facebook from this guy Brian who I went to high school with that the Eagles may be trying to turn into a college so they can compete for the national championship game? Kiss your Super Bowl dreams goodbye everyone I guess! Incredible!

This is Eagles reporter Nick Fierro for the Allentown Morning Call. Need more proof??

This is Philly Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski. Get the picture now?

Personally, I think Chip Kelly is a criminal. Now that he’s the team Chief Football Officer or whatever he is clearly running the organization into the ground and trying to ruin it on purpose. You cannot argue with this. I believe what he’s doing is illegal and many lawyers agree with me, which is why, today, I am encouraging all Eagles fans to pursue a class action lawsuit against the Philadelphia Eagles for gross negligence and failure to consider the feelings of those of us who pay the Chip’s salary – the FANS.

It makes me sick to think that Chip Kelly is probably laughing at us all right now and that is why I think a lawsuit is the best course of action. We had a deal in place to bring in a true winner Gus Bradley to coach this team but instead Jeff Lurie (owner) went and hired Chip Kelly to coach. You know, I gave Chip some slack when he cut Desean Jackson because Chip’s a Football Guy™ and I thought Desean was a bit of a loudmouth who didn’t fit into the Philly culture of hard-working, gritty, tough, blue collar, hard-nosed, etc. but this McCoy nonsense just took me over the edge. Turns out my initial instincts were right.

So, if you’re a true Eagles fan like I am, I think it’s your duty to take the most drastic measures possible to ensure that Chip Kelly is no longer coach of the Eagles. The time is now to act. We cannot allow this guy who’s not from here to destroy our team with his Oregon bias and trade our best remaining assets for next to nothing.

Though there is no chance of it happening because he’s 14-4 as a starter and has a gritty attitude and good work ethic, I would be careful, Nick Foles. Who knows what Chip’s capable of.

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