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Eagles News: What does the future hold for Mychal Kendricks?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/31/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Report: Eagles poised to sign former Cowboys and Browns WR Miles Austin - PhillyVoice
On the other hand, Austin hasn't played special teams since 2009. You're playing special teams if you're a #4 or #5 receiver in the NFL, especially for a coach in Chip Kelly who puts such a heavy emphasis on special teams. Could the Eagles see Austin as a replacement for Riley Cooper? Or perhaps even a starting option opposite Cooper? If so... Bleh. The Eagles have made a habit this offseason of signing players with a history of being injury prone, and Austin is a charter member of the Hamstring Hall of Fame. Perhaps Chip Kelly is betting that his sports science initiatives can help his oft-injured newcomers.

DeMeco Update - Iggles Blitz
Chip Kelly loves Ryans. He values him as a player and as a leader. Now Ryans will be an Eagle in both 2015 and 2016. On the surface, this seems like bad news for Mychal Kendricks. Kelly loves Kiko Alonso and Ryans. He doesn’t seem as emphatic when talking about Kendricks. But Kelly might be willing to keep 3 starting ILBs. The Eagles generally play the most snaps in the league on defense. You could rotate the 3 ILBs to try and keep them all as fresh as possible. And all 3 have had recent injuries. Imagine if when Kendricks got hurt last year, you had Alonso and Ryans. Or that when Ryans got hurt, you had Kendricks and Alonso. It is possible the Eagles will deal Kendricks. I don’t want them to do this any more than you do, but my opinion apparently matter’s less than Chip’s. Kendricks is entering the final year of his deal so if you aren’t committed to him long term, this is the time to deal him. Having him play this year and then leave as a free agent…that is the worst possible outcome.

Maclin: ‘You Just Can’t Plug Guys In Anywhere’ - Birds 24/7
A common theory is that wide receivers are somewhat interchangeable in Kelly's system. Riley Cooper had a career year in 2013, as did DeSean Jackson. And Maclin was never more productive than he was in 2014 playing with Kelly. But he doesn't buy the notion that Kelly devalues the wide receiver position in his offense. "I don't really agree with that," Maclin said. "I think sometimes people may get that feel, but this is the NFL. You need talent to win. You just can't plug guys in anywhere and hope to be successful. That's not how it works in the NFL. Anybody who wins in this league has a scheme that they perfect, and they have players who fit those types of roles. You just can't plug somebody in because they're athletic or somebody because they run fast."

Eagles' Marcus Smith a $6M mistake? - Inquirer
Common sense says that then-general manager Howie Roseman never would have reached for Smith unless his head coach had given the move his blessing. But that's Chip's story and he's sticking to it, and really, at this point, does it really matter whose fingerprints are on the pick?

Inside LB mix creates questions about Kendricks' future - CSN Philly
Right now, Kendricks is the team’s lone starting-caliber inside linebacker who could play a game today. Alonso is coming back from a torn knee ligament that cost him all of his sophomore season in Buffalo. Ryans tore his Achilles against the Texans on Nov. 2. Neither of the two injured linebackers is expected to participate in the spring camps, but if both are 100 percent by training camp and still on the roster, it’s reasonable to assume both will occupy the two inside linebacker spots. Where does that leave Kendricks?

The Mariota Hysteria And What It Means -
The Eagles worked for weeks on a trade to acquire Sam Bradford and made a deep investment for Mark Sanchez. And yet, the questions keep coming.

Which NFL coaches belied their reputations in 2014? |
After a reporter called him a "defensive guru" last week, Bucs coach Lovie Smith responded with: "I haven't heard that on in awhile. You know I was 2-14 last season?" That got us thinking about other coaches who belied their reputations in 2014.

Why the NFL loves college basketball players - SB Nation
Overcome with March Madness, Danny Kelly explains why so many NFL general managers are scouting college basketball games these days.

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