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Randall Cunningham's Eagles jersey is the most popular throwback in Pennyslvania

The Ultimate Weapon lives on.

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Simon Bruty/Getty Images

Mitchell & Ness, which I'm obliged to mention is located in Philadelphia, recently released an interesting map of the most popular throwback jerseys in each of the 50 United States. Check out the whole thing at their site, but here's a quick preview:

As you can see, the most popular throwback jersey in Pennyslvania belongs to the Eagles. The player? Randall Cunningham's Kelly Green No. 12.

The man known as The Ultimate Weapon was obviously one of the most entertaining players in NFL history so this is hardly a surprise. Still, it's interesting to see he beat out all other Philadelphia teams. And Pittsburgh, too.

Cunningham recently celebrated his 52nd birthday this past Friday. No Eagles player has worn his No. 12 jersey since he last played for Philadelphia in 1995.

While we're here, I might as well ask: What's your favorite throwback jersey?