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Eagles News: Jeremy Maclin says signing with Chiefs wasn't about money

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/28/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

The Eagles are kinda screwed at safety. Again. - PhillyVoice
Think the Eagles' safeties have been bad ever since they lost Brian Dawkins in free agency to the Broncos more than a half decade ago? You're right. They have. However, the Eagles are far from the only team that has had major issues on the back end in recent years. Teams like the Seahawks, who have a pair of quality safeties, are rare. The reality is that bad safety play in the NFL has become an epidemic.

Chip Kelly Update: The Mystery Coach Explains It All For You - Fishduck
None of this should be mysterious. I don’t know anyone who disagrees about the need to get better on pass defense. Kelly has always wielded a run-based spread offense, and his Ducks had two or more good RBs most of those years. Mathews and Murray and Sproles looks a lot like LaMichael and Kenjon and De’Anthony. McCoy ran the most snaps of any RB in pro football over the last two years, and he started playing young at 21 so he’s got more miles on him than his age would suggest.

Wake-Up Call: What Players Think Of Chip’s Moves - Birds 24/7
Maclin: "I still believe in Chip. I think Chip's gonna do great things here. I have the utmost respect for him. Unfortunately, we couldn't get anything worked out, but at the end of the day, I'm very excited about playing for Kansas City and playing for Big Red. He's won 20 games in two years. He took over a team, we were in a tough situation going through a lot of tough things. And he's had success so far. I think he's gonna be able to win here. On the back-burner, I'll be a Philly fan, so I hope they win here."

Jeremy Maclin: 'I still believe in Chip' - Inquirer
"It wasn't really about money," Maclin said. "Obviously you want to get paid because of all the stuff that you do. But it wasn't necessarily about who could pay me the most money."

DeMarco Murray and the Team Building Strategies of the Cowboys and Eagles - OverTheCap
I’m in love with what the Eagles did this offseason, so I am not 100% committed to drafting your backfield because for what Chip Kelly wants his offense to do, he set his team up perfectly. When you look at the percentage of the cap that the Eagles backfield takes up and what Kelly’s 2012 Oregon Ducks running backs did, I see and understand his vision for the 2015 Eagles and it really excites me as an NFL fan, it should be a lot of fun to watch.

Meet The Prospect: S Adrian Amos -
Projected as a safety in the NFL, Amos' comfort level at both defensive back spots will serve him well in the transition to the next level. He can even line up as a slot cornerback in subpackage roles. The Baltimore native is also a noted gym rat with a tremendous work ethic.

Eagles offseason explanations: True or false? - CSN Philly
I am buying that Chip believes Sam Bradford has better accuracy potential (when healthy) than Nick Foles, even though Foles’ career accuracy is much better. I’ve been a Foles advocate for quite some time — still am — but I can’t ignore that his completion percentage dipped last season to 59.8 percent from 64 percent the year before. Sure, the O-line was banged up all over, but it was decimated in his rookie season and he managed to complete almost 61 percent that year. Foles had developed happy feet and, honestly, Chip is right about a lot of balls not hitting their targets. Maybe continuity could have changed that, but if Kelly smelled something fishy, then it’s his prerogative to move on.

‘Everything You’d Want for a Franchise, This Man Represented’ - The MMQB
Family, friends and fans said goodbye to Chuck Bednarik, a man who embodied Eagles football and concrete-solid old-school values.

Chip Kelly has NFL world fascinated with his Philadelphia Eagles -
Since Lurie stripped Howie Roseman of the personnel powers he had always dreamed of having, and invested them in Kelly, the coach has systematically dismantled the roster Roseman helped create. Kelly's series of deals stunned the NFL, putting the league on notice that it has in its midst the brashest coach it has had in years. Kelly's claim that he never asked for such sweeping football powers -- that Lurie came up with the plan on his own -- seems unlikely.

The owner every NFL team really deserves - SB Nation
The Eagles are now owned by Kobe Bryant, and oh man is he going to terrorize his players in the locker room after a loss.

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