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DeMeco Ryans injury update: Eagles linebacker says he'll be ready for training camp

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles have a bit of a logjam at inside linebacker.

Philadelphia acquired young stud Kiko Alonso from the Buffalo Bills in the LeSean McCoy trade. Mychal Kendricks is set to return after a successful 2014 season, despite some injury issues. And then there's DeMeco Ryans (AKA "Mufasa"), whom Chip Kelly confirmed will be returning to the team in 2015 despite carrying a $6.9 million cap figure and coming off an Achilles injury suffered in November.

While it's unclear how the inside linebacker position will play out, it is clear that Ryans will be on the field when training camp begins in late July. Or at least that's what the veteran recently told's Marc Eckel.

"I'll be ready to go when training camp starts, no doubt. That will be like the end of July I'll definitely be ready by then. I'll be out there at the start of camp."

"[Rehab is] going really well. I've been jogging on the field. The program is right on schedule, there have been no setbacks at all.''

Ryans will turn 31 in late July. He's started and played in 126 games over nine seasons. He's recovering from his second career Achilles injury, so there's obviously cause for concern here. But for what it's worth, Ryans doesn't seem all that worried about returning to the field. And neither do the Eagles.

It'll be interesting to see how the Eagles handle this position. It's hard not to think Kendricks could potentially be the odd man out. Would the Eagles really pay Ryans $6.9 million for a non-starter role? The team didn't give up McCoy to let Alonso not start. Meanwhile, Kendricks is scheduled to enter the last year of his rookie deal and the Eagles reportedly haven't made an effort to extend his contract (yet). The situation is certainly something to watch as the 2015 NFL Draft fast approaches.