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Eagles News: Chip Kelly's $64,000 question

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/27/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles' OL cohesion at risk if they lose both starting OGs in one offseason - PhillyVoice
As a result, the Eagles went from gaining 160.4 rushing yards per game on 5.1 yards per carry in 2013 to 124.5 yards per game on 4.2 yards per carry in 2014.

Chip and the Truth - Iggles Blitz
Kelly had a love-hate relationship with LeSean McCoy for 2 years. Like all of us, Kelly loves the dynamic runs. McCoy makes guys miss better than any RB in a long time. The problem is that McCoy struggled to embrace the 4-yard run. He was always looking to bounce a play outside or to cutback and find wide open space. That led to too many negative runs.

Kelly confident in new Eagles QB Bradford's upside - Daily News
If that's true, if it's all about a quarterback's wins and losses, how do you explain the Eagles trading Nick Foles, who had won 14 of 18 starts the last two seasons, for Sam Bradford, who had an 18-30-1 record in five injury-plagued seasons with the Rams? The answer is simple. Contrary to popular coaching opinion, wins and losses aren't the only measuring stick for quarterbacks. Sometimes a good quarterback is blessed with a terrific supporting cast and wins a lot of games. That would be Foles. And sometimes a better quarterback finds himself on a team with slow-footed receivers who couldn't outrun your Aunt Minnie, and has trouble breaking even. That would be Bradford

Ten Leftover Thoughts On the Eagles - Birds 24/7
I'm really interested to find out in April just how much Kelly values draft picks. So far, there are some contradictions. For example, Kelly insisted that he believes the best way to build is through the draft, and we know his stance on "mortgaging the future" to acquire one player. On the other hand, he said he was trying to acquire Sam Bradford solely for draft picks and didn't want to include Nick Foles in the deal initially. Eventually, he sent a second-rounder to the Rams. And last offseason, Kelly had no issue offering up a fifth-rounder for Darren Sproles.

Eagles' Chip Kelly seems concerned about Mychal Kendricks' ability to stay healthy -
The qualifier that Kelly put on Kendrick's ability on the field, and his future with the team, certainly casts some doubt over whether or not the third-year player is a lock to be on the roster next season.

'The $64K question:' Does Chip's scouting model spell success? - CSN Philly
"That’s the $64,000 question," he said Wednesday at the owners meetings. "But you can say, ‘You know what, our parameters are too tight, so let’s expand them.’ If you accept it, expect it. So if you accept that you’re going to take a 5-7 corner and the ball gets thrown over his head, you can’t say, ‘Boy, he should have made that play.’ He ain’t going to make that play. The receiver is 6-4.

A Perfect Tribute For Chuck Bednarik -
Everybody had a story. Pete Retzlaff talked about the day Chuck Bednarik punched out Jesse Richardson at a training camp practice. Maxie Baughan remembered how tough Bednarik was and that "if you weren’t ready, he’s knock your ass off.

Ego, confidence of Chip Kelly reminiscent of Jimmy Johnson - Yahoo!
It's been a while since we've seen a coach like this, one with a monstrous appetite to inflict roster change at the highest levels of the depth chart, and the ego to never waver in the mission. This is the stuff of Jimmy Johnson during his re-mastering of the Dallas Cowboys. A philosophy where no cow was too sacred, no roster move too crazy, and no question that couldn't be answered by the master plan.

The Eagles Have Answers - The MMQB
Philly has had a dramatic offseason, and owner Jeffrey Lurie finally revealed the motivating factors behind the change. Plus answers to reader questions about the Roger Goodell Q&A, the Bednarik-Borland irony and the Dez Bryant catch.

Extra-point changes in NFL likely for 2015 - ESPN
The NFL's dullest play, the extra point, appears to be headed for some changes, perhaps significant ones, for the 2015 season. While team owners didn't vote on any extra-point proposals Wednesday, there was so much discussion and interest in potential changes that the issue will be a main focal point for the next set of league meetings in May.

NFL will curb on-field slurs, with one notable exception - SB Nation
The NFL is working to end all on-field slurs and hateful language -- but it decided not to act against the use of the word "redskin."

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