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Chip Kelly says he wanted to keep Nick Foles in Sam Bradford Trade

Are you buying it?

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Earlier in March, a Philadelphia reporter attempted to ask Chip Kelly why he traded Nick Foles. The reporter started to ask "What didn't you see in Foles" before Kelly cut the question short and said "it's not what I didn't see in Nick Foles." The Eagles coach continued on about how the team needed to give up a player like Foles in order to acquire a player like Sam Bradford.

During his Wednesday media session at the NFL owner's meetings, Kelly reiterated his appreciation for Foles. This time, it was a little bit stronger.

Kelly's assertion fits the explanation given by Rams head coach Jeff Fisher as to why St. Louis turned down a first round pick from another team in exchange for Bradford. Fisher insisted the Rams wanted a quarterback, not a pick, and specifically Nick Foles.

Personally, I'm not really sure I buy it. If the Eagles weren't willing to give up Foles at first that means they would have likely had to give up more picks for Bradford. If the Eagles were giving up more picks for Bradford, along with taking on his big salary, they wouldn't be doing that with the intention of keeping him on the bench. Perhaps the Eagles wanted to keep Foles as backup to the oft-injured Bradford, which makes sense, but then Foles could have walked in free agency after the 2015 season.

I don't doubt Kelly has a lot of respect for Foles. The two won a lot of games in their first two years in Philadelphia. But it's clear Kelly felt Foles had a limited ceiling and he wasn't part of the long-term plans. Kelly's actions speak louder than his words.