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Is this Chip Kelly's girlfriend?

This is very important.

Soon after Chip Kelly was spotted hanging out with 2014 AL MVP and Eagles fan Mike Trout, the MLB's official Twitter account tweeted the following picture of the Philadelphia head coach:

Naturally, some have started to wonder about the identity of the mystery woman next to Kelly. The Eagles coach isn't married and he doesn't have kids; he's a pure football junkie. During the offseason he's spends time visiting nearly every pro day he can. He's especially busy now that he has full control over the Eagles' player personnel department.

But does he have time for a relationship? It seems so. Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin (via Jeff McLane) once indicated Chip does indeed have a girlfriend.

A blog post from dated last year researched on the identity of the mystery woman. It looks like she's a University of Oregon alum. (Surprise: Duck Bias strikes again.)

So is this her?