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Chip Kelly isn't concerned with Sam Bradford's injury history

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It's rare that Eagles head coach Chip Kelly sits down for a one-on-one interview, but that's exactly what he did recently with NFL Network's Steve Wyche. Here's what Kelly had to say in an prerecorded appearance on NFL Total Access.

Q: I want to ask you about Marcus Mariota. People say: "Oh, he's coming from a system, he won't be able to play right away." Are we underselling this kid's ability to adapt?

Kelly: I think everybody gets over scrutinized when they're going into the draft and it happens and they go up and they go down. I think when you evaluate quarterbacks, you want to know: what throws can they make, how smart are they, can they make good decisions, how does he perform in a game, and you can see that when you look at the film. And then what's he like off the field. I've got a unique situation because I was there when we recruited Marcus and I got an opportunity to coach him for a couple years so I know him very will.

Q: You guys make the trade for Sam Bradford. What do you see in Sam that fits what you really like to do?

Kelly: I think Sam has an outstanding skill set as a quarterback. The only knock on Sam is that he got hurt. If he hadn't gotten hurt I don't believe he would have ever been in a situation where he was up for trade. Sam's injury is an ACL and he's rehabbing very hard from it. It's not something where you can say he's brittle or this is his situation, but when you look at all the great quarterbacks, Peyton Manning has missed a year, Tom Brady has missed a year, Drew Brees has missed a year... Again, we felt like to get a player of Sam's caliber it wouldn't have happened unless he was injured. We're confident in our training staff and our strength and conditioning coaches that they can help him in his rehab and get him back to where he was when he was the top player in the draft.

Q: You guys got DeMarco Murray but you also got Ryan Mathews. Having those two and Darren Sproles, what does that do having all three of those components for your offense?

Kelly: Well our plan is, when we made the decision to trade LeSean [McCoy], we were going to replace him with two guys. We didn't think we were going to be able to get involved with DeMarco because we thought the price was going to be too high for us and it was actually... I think he left money on the table, [he was] offered more money at other places. He took less money to come to our place which says a lot about DeMarco. And then to have someone like Darren Sproles, who we always call our "Swiss army knife", that can do so many different things. It's a good situation to be in and we feel very confident about where we are at the running back spot.

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