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Eagles thought Sam Bradford was best quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

One of the many topics Jeffrey Lurie discussed during his Tuesday press conference involved the team's quarterback situation. The Eagles Chairman and CEO continuously stressed the importance of the position.

The Eagles owner also had high praise for Sam Bradford. Lurie went as far to say the former No. 1 overall pick "was the best young QB we had seen since probably Peyton Manning."

Evidence suggests Lurie isn't just spewing fluff quotes about Bradford, either. As @Noah_Becker points out, the Eagles were very high on Bradford. Reports from 2010 indicate part of the reason why Philadelphia traded Donovan McNabb to Washington was to prevent Bradford from ending up on the Redskins. Chip Kelly obviously wasn't with the Eagles back then, but it's still interesting to see how high the organization has been on him.

Speaking of Peyton Manning comparisons, it's no secret that Chip Kelly once likened Marcus Mariota to the future Hall of Fame quarterback. Kelly said he has no plans to mortgage the team's future to get his former Oregon Ducks quarterback. Lurie's stance seemed less firm.

He responded to another Mariota question with a joke.

While no one is ready to rule out the Mariota possibility quite yet, it does seem increasingly clear the organization is high on Bradford. At the same time, Lurie knows the injury-prone passer is not a safe bet.