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Eagles News: Why Chuck Bednarik was the greatest player in franchise history

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/22/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles legend Chuck Bednarik as a B-24 gunner during WWII - BGN
Someone on r/NFL posted a picture of his grandfather (top right) in a military photo with Eagles Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik (bottom left). Bednarik served in WWII as a waist gunner before he started his professional football career playing for the Eagles.

Mock draft roundup: Who are experts projecting for Eagles at pick No. 20? - PhillyVoice
Some believe Collins can be a star. He's thought of as a low floor, high ceiling kind of player. Personally, I'm all for taking risks on supremely athletic players.

More Mariota & Draft Talk - Iggles Blitz
There is another angle to this. Kelly has said publicly that he sees Mariota as the #1 QB in the draft and he thinks highly of him. But, Mariota isn’t a great prospect. He’s not Andrew Luck. He’s not Cam Newton. Mariota is the best or 2nd best QB in a weak group. He’s not a guy you necessarily build a franchise around.

Didinger: Bednarik Was The Greatest Eagle -
I'm often asked, "Who was the greatest player in Eagles history?" You could certainly make a case for Steve Van Buren, the Hall of Fame halfback who led the team to NFL Championships in 1948 and ’49. And Reggie White was the best defensive end I’ve ever seen. But with all due respect to Steve and Reggie, I think Chuck Bednarik is the greatest player ever to wear an Eagles uniform. The news of his passing at age 89 marks the end of a milestone chapter in franchise history. We won’t see the likes of Concrete Charlie ever again.

Kelly covets hidden value in his wide receivers - Inquirer
DeSean Jackson, gone. Jeremy Maclin, gone. Riley Cooper, here. Chip Kelly's decision to keep Cooper rather than his most productive wide receivers over the last two years might not make much sense, but the Eagles coach has never been one to evaluate based on paper. That may be most apparent at the receiver position.

‘Concrete Charlie’ defined the legend - Inquirer
His was the best, the absolute most spot-on nickname there has ever been in all of sport: Concrete Charlie. That was him. And that was how he played. Hard. Unyielding. Implacable. Undentable. Yes sir, that was Chuck Bednarik. Last of the 60-Minute Men. Two-Way Charlie. The Iron Man.

Mosher's Mailbag: Which Eagle needs to improve the most? - CSN Philly
Right now, as the roster currently stands, the Eagles need Josh Huff to make major strides from his disappointing rookie season.

Former Eagles Safety Nate Allen Suing Police Over Mistaken Masturbation Arrest - TMZ
Former Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen isn't satisfied with having his name cleared after being accused of masturbating in public ... he plans on suing the cops that arrested him in the first place.  Allen's lawyer, Sawyer Smith, tells TMZ Sports ... Allen wants to make sure no other citizens go through the horrible experience he did, that's why he's chosen to sue.

Why would the Chargers pursue Marcus Mariota? - SB Nation
Rarely does a team with a franchise quarterback actively pursue a premier rookie signal caller, but it can happen.

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