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NFL Competition Commitee announces new rule proposals for 2015

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Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, the NFL Competition Committee gets together to announce new proposals which will be voted on during the annual NFL Owners' Meetings. The committee is a group of eight members made up by both active head coaches and managers, headed by Chairman Rich McKay. There are a number of new proposals on the table for this year: 20 rule proposals, four bylaw proposals, and one resolution proposal. Here are the full details, courtesy of ESPN:

1. Allow a coach to challenge any officials' decision, except scoring plays and turnovers.
2. Subject all fouls to review.
3. Subject personal foul penalties to Instant Replay review pursuant to a coach's challenge.
4. Subject personal foul penalties to instant replay review.
5. Subject to instant replay review any penalty that results in an automatic first down.
6. A foul against a defenseless receiver may be enforced when a reversal results in an incomplete pass.
7. Reviewable plays will include fouls against defenseless players, and an unsuccessful challenge will not cost a team a timeout.
8. Eliminate the requirement that a team be successful on each of its first two Instant Reply challenges in order to be awarded a third challenge.
9. Expand plays for which reviews will be initiated by the Replay Official to include those that would result in a score or change of possession if the on-field ruling is reversed.
10. Add review of game clock on the final play of a half or overtime to Instant Replay system.
11. Add review of play clock to the Instant Replay system.
12. Put fixed cameras on all boundary lines.
13. Stadium-produced video may be used for an Instant Replay review.
14. Move the line of scrimmage for Try Kicks to the defensive team's 15-yard line.
15. Add a bonus field goal for one additional point after a successful two-point attempt.
16. Prohibit Team B players from pushing teammates on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation when Team A presents a punt formation.
17. Both teams will have a possession in overtime.
18. Extend the prohibition for an illegal "peel back" block to all offensive players.
19. Give the intended receiver of a pass defenseless player protection in the immediate continuing action following an interception.
20. Allow for the enforcement of an Unsportsmanlike Conduct foul at the end of a half to be applied to the ensuing kickoff.
21. Make it illegal for a back to chop a defensive player engaged above the waist by another offensive player outside the area originally occupied by the tight end.
22. Permit clubs to assign additional jersey numbers to linebackers. Add 40-49 as eligible numbers for linebackers, in addition to 50-59 and 90-99.
23. Make it illegal for an offensive player with an eligible number to report as ineligible and line up outside the core of the formation.
1. Eliminate the cutdown to 75 players on the Active List.
2. Prohibit timing and on-field testing at a club's facility of any players who attended the League-wide Combine.
3. Permit clubs to designate after 4 p.m. ET on the day after the final roster reduction the one player eligible to return to their Active List from Reserve/Injured.
4. Change the date for the beginning of the window during which players on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform may begin practice.

1. Allow teams with retractable roofs to open them during halftime shows.


One of the most radical changes proposed here was made by the Indianapolis Colts. It involves giving a team the opportunity to kick a bonus extra point field goal if a two-point conversion is successful. Their idea is that this will cause more teams to go for two instead of kicking the PAT. I doubt it'll go through, but if it does it'll make it possible to score nine points (instead of eight) in one possession.

The Eagles are presenting a bylaw proposal, as described by Zach Berman:

It'll be interesting to see which proposals make it through the cut. The NFL Owners' Meetings start this weekend and last into the week (March 22-25).