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Mel Kiper 2009 NFL re-draft shows Eagles made good decisions

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. recently released a re-draft of the 2009 NFL Draft class. What if teams could go back and change their picks from six years ago?

The Eagles walked away with two talented offensive players in the first two rounds that year: Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy. Neither are still with the team but both of them are featured in this re-draft. Kiper has McCoy going No. 3 overall to the Kansas City Chiefs.

"I'm breaking my rules on positional value in having McCoy so high, but whom would you put ahead of him here? He leads the draft class in rushing yards with 6,792, and he's not exactly washed up, as he hasn't missed a game in either of the past two seasons, and won't even turn 27 until July. A 10,000-yard career wouldn't be a surprise."

The Eagles picked McCoy at No. 53. He finished the 2014 season as Philadelphia's all-time leading rusher before the Eagles traded him to Buffalo earlier this offseason.

As for Maclin, the former Eagles wide receiver gets scooped up at No. 15 by the Houston Texans in this activity. That's just four spots higher than where the Eagles traded up to get him.

"Had he not missed the entire 2013 season with a knee injury, Maclin would probably be leading the 2009 draft class in receiving yards, or at least be pretty close. He drops a bit because 2014 was actually his first season with more than 1,000 yards receiving, and because it's hard to assume he'll have an uptick in production in Kansas City. But he'll certainly be the No. 1 threat in that offense."

So who are the Eagles slotted to take in this re-draft? Well, it's a bit of a funny choice.

"Never a star, Jenkins has been moved around, and was solid last year for Philadelphia, playing a somewhat incredible 1,200 snaps. I give him a slight bump here on future production as he's signed in Philadelphia at a reasonable number for two more seasons and would still be only 29 when that deal is done."

Jenkins went No. 14 to the Saints and was drafted as a cornerback before eventually moving to safety for New Orleans. Kiper's assessment of Jenkins is fair. He's not a star but he's an above average starter on the back end. His versatility to play at corner is an added bonus.

Another Eagles free agent signing appears in this re-draft. Kiper has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picking outside linebacker Connor Barwin at No. 17. Barwin was originally drafted by the Texans at No. 46.

"It's possible Barwin belongs higher coming off a 14.5-sack season, so there's some good football ahead of him. Barwin didn't see much of the field over his first two seasons, and he has been moved around over the past four years as he has established himself, but more of what we saw in 2014 will push him up."

Had the Eagles kept Maclin and McCoy, the re-draft would currently feature the following players on Philadelphia's roster:

No. 3 - RB LeSean McCoy
No. 15 - WR Jeremy Maclin
No. 17 - OLB Connor Barwin
No. 19 - S Malcolm Jenkins

Not too bad.