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Eagles News: Could Mychal Kendricks be trade bait?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/20/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

NFC East free agency roundup - PhillyVoice
While the Eagles may have had the most active offseason in Chip Kelly's first year with "the juice," the rest of the NFC East has been comparatively quiet, yet still active. Let's recap what the Eagles' enemies have done during free agency, starting with the division doormat.

Eagles Draft Talk - Iggles Blitz
Phillip Dorsett of Miami might be my favorite WR in the draft. The question I have is whether he can be a volume WR in the NFL. Dorsett caught 36 passes as a Senior. He did catch 58 as a Soph. I think erratic QB play hurt his numbers. I just wonder if you could plug him in as a starter and feed him 80 catches or is Dorsett more of a complementary guy who is meant to catch 45 to 60 passes.

All-22: What To Expect From Sam Bradford - Birds 24/7
The good news? Through two years, Kelly's scheme has produced far more open receivers than Bradford saw with the Rams. Bradford's completion percentage and YPA should jump in this offense. If he can stay healthy and continue to make good decisions, the Eagles might have something. Bradford threw 13 touchdowns and no interceptions in the red zone in 2013. And he had a 112.4 passer rating against the blitz.

Will the Eagles trade Mychal Kendricks? -
Part of the reason for the speculation Kendricks might be traded is his contract status. Kendricks is set to become a free agent next offseason. Despite his impending free agency, the team has yet to sign him to an extension. In addition to his impending free agency, the Eagles also acquired inside linebacker Kiko Alonso this offseason and decided to bring back veteran DeMeco Ryans. Although Ryans is recovering from an Achilles injury, third-year backup Najee Goode should be ready to go for training camp. Goode, who is a strong special teams player, is thought of very highly among coaches despite missing all of last season. So where does that leave Kendricks?

Banner doesn't mind his banishment - Daily News
Banner adores analytics. He always embraced numbers over affinities and loyalties. That's why he loves how Kelly is destroying what Banner built. To Banner, growth occurs best through constant, remorseless change.

What is Chip Kelly doing with the Eagles' money? - CSN Philly
The whole thing remains curious. It will probably stay that way. No one seems to know what Chip Kelly is doing and thinking, except Chip Kelly, and even then it depends on the variables. Money. It was about money and cap space and you just can’t keep everyone. That was the company line last Wednesday. At that point, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin and Nick Foles were gone. Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell and Sam Bradford were in. Kelly said the Eagles would have loved to “keep everybody” and “pay everybody,” but he reminded us that it’s not baseball and they’re “limited by a cap number.” He said the “biggest factor” with McCoy was the money.

The History Of The Chip Kelly QB -
What does the ultimate Chip Kelly quarterback look like? Is there a Chip Kelly prototype? Those questions have been discussed often during Kelly’s first two seasons as Eagles head coach. The assumption by some is that Kelly only wants quarterbacks whose legs are as quick as their minds, but throughout Kelly’s history as an offensive coordinator and head coach, that hasn’t always been the case.

There will be trades: 5 teams poised to draft Marcus Mariota at No. 2 - CBS
Picking 20th overall would require a significant move, but perhaps Bradford interests the Titans, or someone else. Kelly could always convert Bradford into another first-round pick that could then help sweeten the pot to go get Mariota. Despite his statements about not mortgaging the future to get Mariota, Kelly will do whatever he feels he has to do, whenever he wants to do it, and consequences and public opinion be damned. He believes strongly in Mariota and if there is a trade he believes makes sense I don't see anything stopping him from doing it (certainly not his own home-spun rhetoric from a press conference).

Reckless Shekulation on Chip Kelly, Marcus Mariota, much more -
Chip Kelly is not insane. Sure, it's weird that a Machiavellian, transformational leader of men is named Chip -- but it's equally weird that a guy who's won 10 games in each of his first two NFL seasons needs to be defended. Anyway, lemme try to do so here.

A better way to assess NFL Draft prospects - SB Nation
The creators of the Player Assessment Tool believe it may be able to do what the Wonderlic never could -- accurately predict player success and lend some clarity to the muddy NFL Draft scouting process.

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