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Howie Roseman's office moved away from football side of Eagles facility

Not surprising, but interesting.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman didn't just lose his general manager title this offseason. He also lost his office. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer has the details:

"Howie Roseman’s office was recently moved from the football operations end of the NovaCare Complex to the business side, sources said, another indication of the former Eagles general manager’s lessening involvement with decisions related to the team.

Roseman’s old office was two doors down from coach Chip Kelly. He had the same space when Andy Reid was previously head coach. Roseman, whose new title is Executive Vice President of Football Operations, now occupies a former conference room that is near Ari Roitman, Senior Vice President of Business.

The Eagles had no comment.

The second floor of the Eagles training facility is split. Offices for the coaching staff and members of the personnel department are to the left at the top of central staircase and offices for business personnel -- team president Don Smolenski, for instance -- are to the right."

This move just confirms what we already knew: Roseman has been completely removed from the team's player personnel department. And not just in title, but actually physically removed. Eagles coach Chip Kelly and vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz are running the show now.

But that doesn't mean Roseman doesn't still have some level of influence. McLane had an interesting theory on Roseman regarding the former general manager's appearance at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference this past weekend.

"Some have interpreted Roseman’s statements as ones that would place him contrary to Kelly and potentially position him in case the coach would mortgage future picks for the quarterback.

The reading here is that Roseman, who is still technically in charge of the salary cap and contract negotiations, was doing Kelly’s bidding and trying to slow the pervading belief that the Eagles will try their hardest to get Mariota.

Roseman has never been one to openly discuss his philosophies and to blatantly come out against packaging multiple picks to move up in the first round has smokescreen written all over it."

So maybe Roseman is trying to help the Eagles land Marcus Mariota after all? Who knows.

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