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Eagles, Chip Kelly still in the mix for Marcus Mariota

Never-ending Mariota madness.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sound the alarms. It's time once again for a Marcus Mariota rumor involving Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles.

This time around it's Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report with the inside information. Here's what he had to say:

"Eagles Still in Play for Mariota?

I continue to hear it. Not rumors. People who would know are saying Chip Kelly is still in the mix to try to get Marcus Mariota.

I still cannot find anyone in the NFL who believes Kelly is satisfied with Sam Bradford. I still cannot find anyone in the NFL who believes Kelly when he says he will not make a play for Mariota. Not a single person. I'm sure there are people who do believe Kelly. I just can't find them."


Despite what Freeman had to say, there is some public evidence that Kelly is satisfied with Bradford. The Eagles seemingly turned down the No. 19 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft for him. Then there's the fact Philadelphia gave up a 2016 round pick to pry him away from the St. Louis. The team is also reportedly interested in reworking/extending his contract. Maybe Freeman isn't looking hard enough.

Or maybe he's on the something. At this point, no one seems willing to rule out the Mariota possibility due to how Kelly has operated this offseason. It doesn't seem like anything is off the table, despite Kelly saying he won't mortgage draft picks to trade up for Mariota or any other player.

The fact remains that Mariota is a player who Kelly thinks "will win multiple Super Bowls" and compares to future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning. The Eagles very well may end up sticking with Bradford, but it's hard to believe he's the real Plan A. It seems like he could be a Plan B (B for Bradford, fittingly) if the Eagles aren't able to get Mariota.

The only way this Mariota speculation will end is if/when 1) the Eagles sign Bradford to a long-term extension and/or 2) when draft day arrives and a team actually drafts him. Until then, the rumors just don't die. Different situation, but sounds familiar, doesn't it?

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