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Eagles News: How Marcus Mariota could end up in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/18/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Join the BGN March Madness Contest - BGN
March Madness is here. Take a short break from football, fill out a bracket, and join the fun.

Here's how the Eagles are going to get Marcus Mariota - PhillyVoice
Sick of the "Marcus Mariota to the Eagles" talk? Sold that Sam Bradford is the Eagles' "franchise quarterback?" If so, stop reading right now. If not, buckle up for some speculation!

Jimmy and Chip - Iggles Blitz
As much as I hate Jimmy from the Cowboys days, I am glad Chip talked to him. Johnson did a phenomenal job at taking over a team and building them the way he wanted. He took a ton of criticism for many of his moves and had to fight a constant battle for a couple of years with the notion that he was in over his head. Johnson’s ideas worked and helped shape the game of football in the 1990’s.

Eagle Eye: Why Sam Bradford Will Thrive -
Now a lot of these plays are very prevalent around the NFL and obviously aren’t just seen in the Eagles’ playbook, but that isn’t the main point here. The point is that Bradford has a superior skill set compared to any signal caller here in Philadelphia since Donovan McNabb. Bradford has shown a ton of comfort in an up-tempo, no-huddle offense like the one employed by the Eagles, and has had experience throwing route concepts that the Eagles have run over the last couple of years.

Video: Marcus Mariota At Gruden’s QB Camp - Birds 24/7
Marcus Mariota joined Jon Gruden recently for ESPN’s QB Camp series. Below are clips from their time together for those of you who are interested.

Eagles still have many holes to fix on roster - CSN Philly
Chip Kelly made two points very clear last week when discussing his free-agent shopping spree. One, he’s not planning to spend like this every offseason. Two, despite the massive roster turnover, he’s not in rebuilding mode. He’s still planning to win.

What DeMarco Murray's signing means for the Eagles -
The Bradford-Murray combination was the engine behind the record-setting Oklahoma offense in 2008. That year, the Sooners led the nation by running 79 plays per game, an up-tempo approach that mirrored the one Kelly would make famous just a few years later at Oregon.

Sam Bradford and Breaking Out At Age 27 | Football Perspective
As you would suspect, the majority of quarterbacks who had great seasons at age 27 were pretty good before age 27, too. In fact, only one quarterback with any sort of previous workload had a worse career RANY/A than Bradford through age 26, and then had a breakout year at age 27. And that player was also a former number one pick: Terry Bradshaw.

NFL free agency doesn't translate to wins, Ravens' philosophy | The MMQB with Peter King
Think spending big will lead to winning big? Ask the 2011 Eagles—or any number of teams that dished out major dollars in recent years—how that worked out. And a look at one franchise that might have figured out how to make free agency work: Don't participate, and watch the draft picks roll in.

Terrible Chris Borland opinions, ranked - SB Nation
Please stop, you guys.

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