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Eagles might sign Tim Tebow if they trade Matt Barkley, according to report

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Uh, OK?

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Here's a weird report from Dianna Marie Russini of NBC4. According to Russini, the Eagles might end up signing Tim Tebow after all. But maybe not. Here's what she had to say:

"Sources with the Eagles say they are trying to trade Matt Barkley. If he is traded, I'm told there's an "80% chance" they'll sign Tim Tebow."

The fact that the Eagles are trying to trade Barkley isn't a surprise. It's already been reported that he's on the trade block. ESPN's Chris Mortensen suggested the former USC quarterback is available for the mere cost of a late round pick.

The fact that the Eagles might have some interest in Tim Tebow isn't exactly a surprise either considering the team worked him out on Monday. Tebow left Philadelphia without a contract so clearly the Birds aren't too desperate to sign him.

What is weird about this report is that the Eagles only plan to sign Tebow if they trade Barkley. If the Eagles really wanted Tebow, they could just sign him now and still trade Barkley. The offseason roster limit is set at 90 players and the Eagles don't need to clear space for Tebow.

The "80%" figure is weird, too. Are they going to sign him or not?

To be determined how it plays out. The Eagles could very well trade Barkley and they could very well sign Tebow. But they also could have signed Tebow already if they really wanted to have him in Philly.