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Eagles Trade Rumors: Browns reportedly offered pick No. 19 for Sam Bradford

More light has been shed on this rumor.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

During his surprise press conference last week, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly informed the media he was offered a first round pick in exchange for Sam Bradford. This seemed surprising considering the Eagles just traded for him a day earlier, but then Rams coach Jeff Fisher separately noted St. Louis had also been offered a first round pick before trading Bradford to Philadelphia. Fisher and the Rams turned it down because they wanted Nick Foles (along with Philadelphia's 2016 second round pick) instead.

Over the weekend, Jimmy Kempski noted that Charley Casserly identified the mystery team as the Cleveland Browns. This wasn't surprising because the Browns have two first round picks at No. 12 and No. 19.

Now ESPN NFL Insider Adam Caplan is confirming that pick No. 19 was offered for Bradford.

It's still not 100% clear when the pick was offered. Was the same pick offered to both teams? If so, the Eagles turned down the No. 19 pick for Bradford. That could say something about their level of interest in him.

Then again, maybe the Eagles are just holding onto Bradford and hoping someone comes along with a better offer. Kelly has downplayed the idea that the Eagles will use Bradford as a trade chip, but some NFL coaches think that's exactly what Kelly plans to do. Some believe Kelly is still trying to get Marcus Mariota, which certainly can't be ruled out given how the Eagles coach had talked about his former quarterback.

In any event, it seems pretty crazy that potentially two teams (and at least one) turned down the No. 19 overall pick for Bradford. He's a player coming off two ACL injuries and teams are turning down a mid-round first to get him? And then on the other, the Browns are actually offering a first for this guy? If this isn't a sign of how important quarterback play is in the NFL and how desperate teams are to get one, I don't know what is.

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