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2016 Super Bowl Odds: Where the Eagles stand after a crazy free agency period

Will this be the year?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The last time we checked in on the Eagles' 2016 Super Bowl odds was shortly after the New England Patriots won Super Bowl 2015. At that time, the Eagles were given the seventh best overall chance.

While their positioning hasn't changed, the Eagles' odds got slightly better because they now sit at 18/1, per Bovada. It appears the oddmakers didn't dislike Philadelphia's crazy free agency period so far.

The Eagles have the best odds of any team that didn't make the 2015 NFL Playoffs. The six teams ahead of Philadelphia include, in order: Seattle Seahawks (6/1), Green Bay Packers (7/1), New England Patriots (7/1), Indianapolis Colts (8/1), Denver Broncos (12/1), and Dallas Cowboys (16/1).

Philadelphia has the fourth best chances out of 16 NFC teams and second best chances out of four NFC East teams. Speaking of the Eagles' division opponents, the New York Giants rank 11th at 25/1 and the Washington Redskins rank 29th and 100/1.

Look at the complete list by clicking here. Also note that the AFC representative is currently a 2.5 point underdog on the NFC champion.

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