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Watch Jason Kelce and Beau Allen do a push-up contest with Connor Barwin on their back

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The first wave of 2015 NFL free agency marked a busy time for the Philadelphia Eagles but things have died down ever since. The team haven't made a roster move since Thursday and everyone is getting bored. Even the players!

Eagles outside linebacker Connor Barwin seems to be doing his best to keep everyone entertained. Here he is poised on the backs of center Jason Kelce and nose tackle Beau Allen in the Eagles locker room for a push-up contest. I'm not sure who's filming but I can tell you that's an Ed Reynolds cameo off to the side.

So who will win? Keep in mind Barwin is about 6-4, 265 pounds.

Part 1 (Jason Kelce - 6-3, 295)

Kelce vs Beau push-up contest...

A video posted by Connor Barwin (@connorbarwin98) on

Part 2 (Beau Allen - 6-2, 333)

Part 2. Kelce vs Beau...

A video posted by Connor Barwin (@connorbarwin98) on

I'd argue there's a clear winner here but I'll let you decide for yourself. The correct answer is probably that we, the viewers, are the real winners here to witness such high quality entertainment.