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Eagles News: Chip Kelly wants to build through the NFL Draft

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/16/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Let’s Talk Sammy - Iggles Blitz
The number one thing that jumps out at me is pocket presence. Bradford stays locked in on his receivers, even when rushers get near him. One of Nick Foles issues was dealing with pressure. He would do that well at times, but other times drifted backward, which led to problems. Bradford’s instinct is to move up in the pocket. You can tell he’s been well-coached and he listened. The other thing that stood out to me…Chip Kelly must be one phenomenal play-caller. We’re used to seeing Eagles players wide open at least a few times a game. Guys are covered for this entire video. Even play-action passes aren’t freeing anyone up. And Bradford’s skill players were very unimpressive. A couple of WRs made circus catches, but there were also drops and guys falling down while running routes. You don’t see anything special.

Fan-Demonium: This Is Just The Beginning -
Quarterback is the key position so let's begin there. Trading Nick Foles doesn't shock me. We all loved the stats he put up in 2013, but that was a major anomaly. The Football Gods liked Nick so they gave him a magical season. Defensive backs dropped interceptions while receivers were able to make crazy catches 50 yards downfield. Things changed in 2014. Defensive backs starting catching the ball and receivers became more erratic. I think Foles was greatly affected by the inconsistent line play last year, but there were too many times when he had a clean pocket and still made either a poor decision or a poor throw. The real Nick Foles is a solid player, but he's nowhere close to the stats posted in 2013.

Has Chip Kelly Lost His Freakin’ Mind? - PhillyMag
Without question, it’s Kelly now. The most recognizable players — DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Nick Foles  — are all gone. The roster is in the process of being completely overhauled. Eventually, players like Bradford and newly-acquired running back DeMarco Murray could move out in front. For now, the brand revolves around Kelly and his sleek, up-tempo and unconventional operation.

Chip Kelly: Draft, not free agency, is the way to build - Inquirer
Chip Kelly hopes that weeks like the one the Eagles just finished become rare in Philadelphia. The spending spree that brought eight new contracts onto the payroll was necessary for Kelly to reassemble the team to his specifications, but he wants roster building to occur more during draft weekend than the first week of free agency.

Free Agency Risers & Fallers - Rotoworld
Dynasty owners who stole Matthews in last year's rookie drafts should be licking their chops. Dynasty owners of Carlos Hyde, Devonta Freeman, and Andre Ellington should be trying to flip those backs for Matthews. With only the draft as an obstacle, Matthews is locked in as the Eagles' top wideout coming off a rookie line of 67-872-8, accomplished at the ripe young age of 22. Matthews did that despite playing only 66% of the Eagles' offensive snaps. A lock for full-time duties in 2015, Matthews is trending in a WR1 direction.

Can the Giants stop newest Eagle DeMarco Murray? -
Since being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 2011 out of Oklahoma, Murray has faced the Giants a total of six times, and has been enormously successful against their rush defense, gashing them for 577 yards on 111 carries, an excellent 5.2 yards per carry average. More importantly, five of those six games were Cowboys wins. Those figures doesn't necessarily foretell automatic success for Murray when the Eagles face the Giants in 2015, as the Giants have changed their defensive personnel over the last four seasons. What should concern the Giants is that, so far, they have not come close to adequately improving their porous rush defense from last season, when Murray had his most productive games ever against them, a combined 249 rushing yards and 4.8 yards per carry.

Cowboys could have kept Murray for less than 3.5 percent of the 2015 salary cap - PFT
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said that his team couldn’t keep running back DeMarco Murray due to the salary cap.  While that may be the truth, the truth also is that the Silver and Blue could have kept Murray for what amounts to a sliver of the salary cap for 2015.

DeMaurice Smith re-elected as head of NFLPA - SB Nation
Smith was elected for a third term.

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