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Sam Bradford, Eagles reportedly trying to rework/extend contract

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN's Andrew Brandt, the Eagles are trying to make rework/extend Sam Bradford's contract.

Bradford is entering the 2015 season on the final year of his bloated rookie contract that he signed in 2010. His cap figure is nearly $13 million ($12,985,000 to be exact) this season. The Eagles can release Bradford at any time to save all of that money with no penalty.

Of course, Philadelphia doesn't seem to have any intention of cutting Bradford, especially after they just gave up picks for him. But just because the Eagles are keeping him doesn't mean they have to keep him at the $13 million.

The Eagles can negotiate with Bradford to find a way to lessen his cap hit in 2015. It seems unlikely that Bradford would take a straight pay cut. Instead, the two sides could try to find a middle ground where Bradford gets more security (see: guaranteed money) and the Eagles don't have to pay $13 million for one season. Freeing up more cap space for this offseason would better allow the Eagles to fill some additional roster holes.

This will be a situation to keep an eye on moving forward.

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