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Eagles Free Agency Rumors: Chip Kelly wants both DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews

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Will the Eagles sign DeMarco Murray, who is visiting Philadelphia on Thursday? Or will they just keep Ryan Mathews, who is also visiting and has agreed to terms but hasn't officially signed?

According to former Eagles scout John Middlekauff, it might not come down to one or the other. It could be both.

"I've been told from multiple people the Eagles trying to sign Murray has no impact on signing Ryan Mathews. Chip wants them both."

Adam Schefter mentioned this possibility yesterday as well. Shortly after Mathews reportedly agreed to terms with Philadelphia, ESPN reported that the Eagles were "very much" in play for Murray, despite the fact Mathews already agreed to sign. As Schefter said:

"Landing Ryan Mathews does not end Philadelphia's pursuit of Dallas free-agent RB DeMarco Murray. Hardly."

It remains to be seen how a Murray-Mathews backfield combination would work. Chip Kelly doesn't typically run a lot of two-back sets; the Eagles actually ran the most single-back sets in 2013. It would also seem that the Eagles are investing a lot of resources ($$$$) to a position where they just traded LeSean McCoy to save money.

Kelly loves to run the ball so it's not shocking to see him interested in these talented backs. It's also worth noting both of these players come with injury concerns so maybe the team figures at least one of them will be able to stay healthy. Maybe the players would be open to a rotation.

It's still to be determined how this could play out. For better or for worse, it's very intriguing.

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