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Eagles News: Why you should believe in Sam Bradford

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/12/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Did the Eagles Win The Sam Bradford Trade? - BGN

The Eagles have not yet approached Sam Bradford about a contract extension - PhillyVoice
Typically, when NFL teams trade for quarterbacks, a contract extension follows shortly thereafter. And yet, while the Eagles and Rams have been in discussions for "three, four weeks," those contract extension talks have not yet begun. Bradford was asked if he would consider signing a long term deal if the Eagles approached him about it.

The St. Louis Rams Should Commit to Sam Bradford for 2014 - Backyard Banter
After watching the Rams offense on the all-22 film, it is almost impossible to conclude that Sam Bradford is the root of the teams’ issues. He displayed a number of positive attributes and growth all while being placed in a dysfunctional offense. Bradford’s percentage of good throws during his injury shortened 2013 season show that he is better than both his basic statistics, and the national perception of him. When the month of May rolls around, the St. Louis Rams will have a rare opportunity to take a blue-chip quarterback prospect. As an average team, they should not be picking this high in the draft. Despite all that, they should pass on the chance. The Rams already have a quarterback who has proven capable of leading their team.

DeMarco to Visit Philly - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles agreed to terms on a deal with RB Ryan Mathews. Jimmy Bama has some details on that here. So the question becomes…can you sign Mathews and Murray? Should you sign them both? The deal with Mathews has not yet been signed. It is possible the Eagles could try to back out of that. After all, Frank Gore did the same thing to the team just a couple of days ago. But I don’t think teams do that often. I think Murray would be a terrific fit in the Eagles offense. He is a downhill runner that goes through first contact. He has excellent strength and balance. The big worry with him is how much the 2013 workload will affect him moving forward.

Eagle Eye: How Alonso Fits In The 'D' -
One of the most cerebral positions in football, the linebacker position requires players who think quickly, see things before they happen and react instantly to what they see. Instincts and football intelligence are of the utmost importance to playing this position, and when you’re watching linebackers you can pick up how they see the game in a number of ways. Does he quickly distinguish if the play is a run or pass? Does he move efficiently when he’s making his initial read on an inside or outside run play? Can he diagnose screens and take the receiver out of the equation? These are areas in which Alonso excels and which were apparent in every game that I watched when I studied his rookie season.

Making Sense Of the Foles-Bradford Deal - Birds 24/7
The problem is what it took to land Bradford and what it reveals about Kelly, the personnel man. The Eagles, a team that still needs to address safety, wide receiver, offensive line and other areas, took on north of $12 million in salary. Additionally, they gave up a 2016 second-round pick. Think that's no big deal? The last three second-rounders for the Birds have landed Mychal Kendricks, Zach Ertz and Jordan Matthews. It's fair to give Kelly the entire offseason to see what the product looks like going into August, but it's equally reasonable to wonder whether all of the concerns about him being in charge of personnel are proving to be spot-on.

Maybe Chip Kelly is still chasing Mariota after all - Inquirer
So when did Bradford become Tom Brady? He's a good quarterback when healthy and has untapped potential. But when he did play he completed only 58.6 percent of his passes and had a 79.3 passer rating. Aside from trying to explain Bradford's worth or teasing fans who are unhappy with the acquisition, Kelly's mention of the first-round offer could have also been a plant - a convenient way for him to broadcast the current asking price to teams interested in the 27-year-old.

Chip Kelly ends presser with amazing Frank Underwood double table tap - The 700 Level
Chip is very confident in his decisions.  It was a spectacle. He certainly has plenty of swagger. Perhaps that was best identified -- and most totally awesome -- the moment he finished his press conference and did the double-table tap made famous by the wheeling and dealing President of the United States on Netflix's hit series House of Cards, Frank Underwood.

The NFL Trade Wheel: Making Sense of Who Went Where | Grantland
Maybe Kelly wants to trade some explosiveness for reliability and thinks he can use Bradford’s short-to-intermediate accuracy at the pivot of an offense that looks more like what Tom Brady does in New England. There could be a master plan here.

What the heck is Chip Kelly doing? - SB Nation
At this point, Eagles fans may be right in asking themselves whether they're in the middle of a "Josh McDaniels with the Broncos" style fiasco, or perhaps in the infancy of a "Pete Carroll with the Seahawks" style rebirth. Are these death throes or growing pains? I don't know the answer to that -- no one does -- but I'm going to enjoy the hell out of the ride in the meantime, because if nothing else, Chip Kelly as some brass balls.

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