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Chip Kelly: Eagles were offered a first round pick for Sam Bradford

Say what?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly is alive! After months of media silence, the Eagles head coach made a surprise appearance in front of the podium on Wednesday afternoon. Given all that's happened with the Eagles this offseason, reporters had a lot of questions for him. And he had answers.

One of the most interesting things Kelly had to say is that the Eagles were actually offered a first round pick for Sam Bradford. Yes, the same Sam Bradford that the Eagles just acquired in a trade from the St. Louis Rams for Nick Foles and draft picks.

Kelly may have been lying. But in any case, he seemed to make it pretty clear that the team isn't trading Bradford.

He furthered this by saying that Bradford and Mark Sanchez are the team's quarterbacks. So no Marcus Mariota, then? Appears so:

Again, Kelly might be lying. Note that this is the guy who would intentionally put walking boots on healthy players while at Oregon in order to confuse the media. Kelly is also the guy who said Nick Foles would be the Eagles starting quarterback for the next "1,000 years."

Whether or not he's telling the truth is to be determined. For now, these are the words straight from his mouth.