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Overwhelming majority of Eagles fans disapprove of Sam Bradford-Nick Foles trade


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The results are in. Nearly 8,200 people have cast their vote in Bleeding Green Nation's Sam Bradford approval poll and the results are clear: Eagles fans do really NOT like this trade.

The poll results are hardly surprisingly, especially after seeing the harsh reactions ("worst deal in NFL history!") to the trade on social media outlets like Twitter.

I will admit that the "YES" option is higher than I thought. But I think that may be the result of 1) Rams fans participating in the poll and/or 2) people hoping the Eagles can still get Marcus Mariota by flipping Bradford.

After sleeping on it a bit, really thinking about it, and taking the time to make more sense of it... I still don't think the deal is very good.

Trading Nick Foles wasn't the wrong move. Despite the gaudy 2013 stats and 14-4 winning record, Chip Kelly knew he was a flawed player. Foles' injury issues weren't insignificant either. Trading for Bradford, however, does appear to be the wrong move. His injury issues are even more concerning. Even when healthy, he hasn't been that great.

I don't even think Bradford will necessarily be bad for the Eagles. It's fair to question Kelly's prowess as a general manager, but he's proven to be heck of a coach. If anyone's going to get the most out of Bradford, it could be him. But even if he gets the most out of him, where does that really put the Eagles? Are they really contending for a championship with Bradford as their quarterback? I don't see it.

And neither do Eagles fans.

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