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Eagles News: LeSean McCoy says Chip Kelly didn't tell him he was being traded

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/10/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Tracking the Eagles free agency rumors - BGN
It's time to bookmark this link if you haven't already.

Is the 'Marcus Mariota to the Eagles' dream dead? - PhillyVoice
I mean... How often does a team make a trade in any sport, and the fan base comes together as one to not just disagree with the trade, but ask if it's actually real? And a spokesperson of sorts for the team actually takes the questions seriously and answers them? (No offense to Dave, of course -- it's the situation that's amusing). So...  If you're not a Bradford fan and you're looking for some pure, good old fashioned speculation and/or hope, I'll do my best to present a scenario in which the Eagles could still be looking to move up to get Marcus Mariota.

Kiko Alonso, LeSean McCoy Speak - Birds 24/7
The 24-year old linebacker, who tore his left ACL back in July, does not anticipate being "full go" for April or May but the plan is to be 100 percent by the time training camp starts up. "I'm feeling really good. I'm doing just about everything. Not at 100 percent yet but definitely getting to where I'm about to start feeling really good about it," he said.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Sam Bradford - Iggles Blitz
Let’s go back to Bradford the college star. He absolutely deserved to be the top pick. While at Oklahoma in 2008, the Sooners set the NCAA record for points in a season and most games scoring 60 or more points in a row. Bradford had some good pieces around him, but he was spectacular at running OU’s up-tempo attack. Bradford was used as a pocket passer at OU, but was more athletic than most gave him credit for. He had a strong arm and was an accurate passer. Bradford looked like the total package. He had NFL size. He was a skilled passer. Bradford was athletic enough. He had no character issues. This is a guy you wanted to build your franchise around.

Trying to make sense of Eagles' decision to trade Nick Foles for Sam Bradford -
Actually, yes. The Eagles gave up a player in Foles they didn't want and had little-to-no trade value around the NFL. Don't let his 14-5 record under Kelly fool you. The line to trade for Foles was a short one. The real asset traded was the second-round pick in 2016. It's possible trading that pick comes back to bite them, but with such a massive hole at quarterback, it's a small price to pay.

Say it ain't so, Chip - Daily News
In five seasons with the Rams, he has missed 31 of 80 games. Throw in his senior season at Oklahoma, when he missed 10 games with a separated shoulder, and he has managed to answer the bell for just 52 of his last 93 games. That Kelly, who places such a high value on players who can stay on the field and give him snaps, would be willing to take a major risk on a guy with an injury history like Bradford's seems out of character.

An attempt to rationalize Eagles trade for Sam Bradford - The 700 Level
One look at the numbers, and you quickly understand why there's such a huge backlash against Bradford. His record as an NFL starter is 18-30-1, with similarly dismal career numbers that include a 58.6 completion percentage, 6.3 yards per attempt and 79.3 passer rating. The idea that this player is a solution, or even better than Foles based on their track records, might be construed as a stretch to some. Only to be fair to Bradford, he was never surrounded by much offensive talent in St. Louis. How can we possibly judge a quarterback who's never played with a wide receiver, tight end or running back that recorded over 700 yards in a single season? Not 1,000, but 700. Never mind the offensive line hasn't exactly been a picture of stability during Bradford's run with the Rams, either. Even after the departures of LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin this offseason, he immediately steps into a better situation than he's ever been.

Tough to believe in Chip Kelly after baffling QB swap - CSN Philly
So maybe there’s still a chance Chip Kelly has something up his sleeve. Maybe there’s more to come. Maybe there’s a team out there at the top of the draft that wants Bradford and is just sitting there waiting to trade a top-five pick to the Eagles for Bradford, freeing up the Eagles to draft Kelly’s beloved Marcus Mariota. But that really seems like a longshot. Because when they look at Bradford, they’ll see what we see.

Why Eagles Feel Great About Bradford -
It is a gamble, no question about that. Kelly isn't afraid to make difficult, out-of-the-box decisions. But it is a gamble with a lot of upside because the Eagles think Bradford has the goods to be a franchise-type quarterback.

NFL players were blown away by free agency - SB Nation
If you thought the start of the 2015 NFL free agency period was crazy, just imagine if the people swapping teams were your friends and co-workers.

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