Chip Is A Genius!!

Everyone knew he wanted MM and would have done anything to get him. Meaning a lot of teams were throwing around ridiculous offers, trying to take advantage. SO what did the Chipper do? He went and got a QB, will sign him to an extension. Making the other team think he wants to keep Bradford. they will panic and shit themselves, thinking "Did we fuck up?" they will then run to Chip and offer him a way better offer then they did when they thought Chip needed MM.

Chip will get MM for almost nothing now. All Hail the Chipper!!!


Yes this was a comment(by me) but i feel like everyone should know whats really going on. My inside Sources have confirmed this.

Chips thinking is, Best case scenario: Getting MM for a 2nd(we gave Rams) Foles(Rams) Bradford and only 1, 1st round pick

Worst case scenario: Don't get MM and we are stuck with Bradford, who's better than Foles. Either way, we're a better team