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Marcus Mariota to Eagles shouldn't be ruled out yet

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When the terms of the Eagles-Rams trade involving Sam Bradford and Nick Foles were officially revealed on Tuesday evening, it was announced that draft picks were involved. The instant reaction by many was that this means an Eagles trade up for Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota is no longer likely.

According to Ian Rapoport, that might not be the case. See his following tweet:

Well, that's interesting. It doesn't mean too much, but it's something.

There have been theories flying around that the Eagles traded for Bradford in order to flip him in a trade to get Mariota. This would make sense due to a report from early February that indicated teams at the top of the 2015 NFL Draft order prefer Bradford to Mariota and Jameis Winston.

Jimmy Kempski explored this Bradford trade theory a little bit.

Some more fuel to keep the flame alive:

But when you hear things like Chip Kelly really pushing hard for Bradford, as Peter King noted, it's hard to believe they're going to give up even more picks for Mariota now.

The Mariota pipe dream isn't officially dead yet. But it seems more likely than not that Sam Bradford will be the Eagles starter in 2015.

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