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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Eagles wanted Andre Johnson and Frank Gore

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Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Eagles may have gotten the cornerback they wanted in free agency with Byron Maxwell but it really seems like they're striking out elsewhere. Devin McCourty stayed with the Patriots. Orlando Franklin went to the Chargers. Jeremy Maclin left for more money with the Chiefs. Frank Gore, who the Eagles thought they had signed, is now likely headed to the Indianapolis Colts. And Gore could be teaming up with a player that the Eagles also wanted: Andre Johnson.

Check out this interesting rumor from Lance Zierlein of

'Got this from someone close to [Andre Johnson]: "Dre [is] on owners private jet headed to Indy. He called Gore & they agreed both to Indy. Philly wanted both."'

Note that Gore and Johnson played together at the University of Miami (Florida).

Now, neither Gore nor Johnson have officially signed with the Colts, so it's "possible" the Eagles could still land them. But it's obviously high unlikely at this point.

BGN talked about the possibility of the Eagles signing Andre Johnson on Monday. Johnson to the Eagles certainly makes sense for Philadelphia, but it's easy to see why he might not want to play for the Eagles. While money is always a huge factor for free agents, older players tend to favor teams with chances of competing for a championship.

The Colts offer Andrew Luck and a team that went to the AFC Championship Game in the 2015 NFL playoffs. The Eagles' quarterback situation, on the other hand, is really unclear. It's hard to say with certainty who Philadelphia's 2015 Week 1 starter will be.

Johnson and Gore are past their primes but they can still be productive players. They would have likely made the Eagles a better team. Instead, they'll likely be signing elsewhere.