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Should Eagles have interest in Brandon Flowers?

Profiling potential Eagles 2015 free agent targets.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles will potentially need to replace both of their outside starting cornerbacks this offseason. Bradley Fletcher is scheduled to be a free agent. Cary Williams could be a cap casualty but it's not a guarantee at this point. The Birds have money to spend and there are a number of free agent cornerbacks that they could look to sign.

This offseason's free agency period features several options for Philadelphia. One of those options is veteran cornerback Brandon Flowers.

NFL Career

Flowers, 29, was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs with the No. 35 overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Flowers started 87 games for the Chiefs from 2008-2013 and made the Pro Bowl in his last season with Kansas City. The Chiefs somewhat surprisingly released him last season offseason due to his contract. Flowers wanted to stay in the division and opted to sign with the San Diego Chargers. He started 14 games for the Bolts last year.

Flowers has played in 102 career games and made 101 starts. He's recorded 20 interceptions, 102 passes defensed, 376 tackles, four forced fumbles, and two sacks.

Appeal to Eagles

Flowers might not fit the ideal Eagles mold for an outside cornerback because he's only 5-9. Still, he's a proven option and could be a backup plan if they miss out on their taller targets. Flowers is fairly durable; he's never missed more than three games in a season during his seven-year career.

Appeal to Flowers

Somebody told me that Flowers is battle born, but he's only human. He's got soul but he's not a soldier. And he doesn't look a thing like Jesus. On the brightside, he talks likes a gentleman. You may have found these puns funnier when you were young. You may have to read my mind to see why I did all these things that I've done. Hopefully I don't get caught in the crossfire.