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Eagles own one of NFL's most tortured fan bases

It's not always easy being green.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Will Leitch from Sports on Earth recently wrote his annual column ranking the NFL's most tortured fan bases. Leitch ranked all 32 team's fan bases from least to most spoiled. The Eagles are once again near the top of the list (near least spoiled). The Birds actually moved slightly closer to being spoiled compared to last year, however, which may be surprising considering how the Eagles collapsed down the stretch in 2014. Here's what Leitch had to say:

"7) Philadelphia Eagles - They actually move up a couple of spots because, out of nowhere, they feel like the most innovative, exciting team in the league. (At least on offense. Please get this team Marcus Mariota, somehow.) If the Eagles are ever going to win that Super Bowl, I hope it's Chip Kelly who does it."

The Eagles are 20-12 in two years under Kelly so things could certainly be worse. They've also reached this success without having a clear franchise quarterback, though Nick Foles did play like one in 2013. In order for Eagles fans to be less tortured moving forward, the team absolutely needed a defined answer at that position.

The fan bases that are more tortured than the Philadelphia faithful include: 6) Washington, 5) Jets, 4) Vikings, 3) Lions, 2) Bills, and 1) Browns. Just a reminder that it could be worse... right?

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