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Eagles fans used these words most in 2014

(Language NSFW.)

As they do every year, the people over at Reddit created a word cloud of the top words used by r/Eagles redditors. These are always fun to look at. They have three different versions of these graphics: a top 100, 300, and 500. Hit the link to see all three. These results don't necessarily reflect the words used most often here at BGN, but I'd estimate the results are fairly close. So here are the top 100 words Eagles fans used the most during the 2014 season:

/r/Eagles' Most Used Words - Top 100

Here are the top 10 most used words, and how often they were used:

#1: eagles: 6320 times used
#2: foles: 3073 times used
#3: chip: 2312 times used
#4: f***: 2261 times used
#5: cowboys: 1843 times used
#6: week: 1730 times used
#7: f***ing: 1730 times used
#8: qb: 1656 times used
#9: nfl: 1597 times used
#10: s***: 1588 times used

For fun, let's compare this to the 2013 edition:

#1: eagles: 4554 times
#2: foles: 2187 times
#3: vick: 2183 times
#4: qb: 1563 times
#5: chip: 1435 times
#6: defense: 1362 times
#7: f***: 1234 times
#8: cowboys: 1162 times
#9: offense: 1023 times
#10: kelly: 974 times

Some differences include a lot less "vick" in 2014 (obviously) and a lot more cursing. I can't help but imagine the latter is due to how the Eagles collapsed down the stretch. Also, "defense" dropped to just outside the top 10 at #11.

Anything else that sticks out to you?