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Nate Allen cleared of wrongdoing in Florida incident

Good news for the NFL safety.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

According to 6ABC Action News, Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen has been cleared of any wrongdoing following his detainment in Florida last week.

"The Florida State Attorney's Office explains that police were investigating a report of an indecent exposure when officers detained Allen after stopping his truck Monday afternoon.

According to the affidavit, a man driving a black pickup truck exposed himself in front of a woman.

The complainant then called 911.

A review of surveillance video shows a suspect in a black pickup truck in the same location as the victim when the complaint was filed. However, that man was not Allen nor was it his truck, authorities now say.

According to the State Attorney, Allen was mistakenly identified as the suspect when he was detained.

State Attorney Steve Russell said in a statement: "After reviewing the case and situation, Mr. Nate Allen should be commended for his patience, cooperation, and understanding. Further the victim should be commended for her cooperation and willingness to report the offense."

Though his name may have been officially cleared, the problem is that Allen's association with this embarrassing event won't just disappear. It's really a shame that he was mistakenly mixed up in all of this. Allen expressed his frustration in a recent video with the News-Press.

Allen is scheduled to be a free agent when the NFL's new league year begins on March 10.

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